What is WeBenefit?

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In a nutshell, we are:

• Providing an additional source of income for your school/church/mission/community/charity/NGO.
• Allowing participants, their businesses and friends, no matter where they live in SA, to buy competitively-priced

   quality products through our online platform.
• When you buy in this way, a material amount is paid to the beneficiary of your choice, at NO extra cost to you.
• The overall aim is to reduce the operating expenditure of a school by 15%.
• This can assist schools to deliver better education to your children or,

• Provide an additional income stream to your church or mission.

• It could be used to generate a fund for community upliftment projects.

• You might decide to channel to funds to your favorite charity. 

We have great prices in place and you can
enjoy a safe, secure digital shopping
experience with major brands already on board.


It's what we call "what's in it for we".
View our online offering, register today and
make a difference.

WeBenefit has two basic aims: 

  • - reducing the running costs of a organization (Church, Mission, School, NGO) drastically (our goal is 15%!); and

  • - providing an additional source of income for Mission/Church.

WeBenefit allows the community (Mission/Church members ect, parents of schools) of the organization, no matter where they live in SA, to buy competitively-priced, quality products through the platform. When they do so, a significant amount is paid to the beneficiary of their choice, at no extra cost to the buyer. It is clear that WeBenefit is essentially a very, very remunerative loyalty programme for the Organization (Mission/Church).


Signing up costs neither the Church/Mission nor the Members/friends anything. It is free of charge. Delivery is included!

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