Start a Kingdom Community

A Kingdom Community is a glorious manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

It is a group of Christians in a specific location who:

Worship the FATHER in spirit and in truth

  • Follow JESUS CHRIST their Saviour and King with all their heart, becoming more and more like Him in word and in life.

  • Fellowship with the HOLY SPIRIT in a lifelong, ever-growing relationship, daily experiencing His manifest presence and moving in His wisdom and power.

  • Love one another, pray for one another and daily encourage one another.

In a Kingdom Community our first priority is to see everyone BORN AGAIN, baptized in water and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Then our focus will be on seeing you becoming a true DISCIPLE of Jesus Christ, living VICTORIOUSLY in all areas of your life and enjoying the life in ABUNDANCE that we have been given in Christ Jesus our Lord. You will become well established in the WORD of God, applying the truth of God at work and at home.

As we see the Kingdom Community grow into a VIBRANT FAMILY of fellow believers, we then stand together to see similar Kingdom Communities established all across the region.

We are looking forward to taking hands with you for Kingdom Advancing in the nations.  One of our KGTEAM members will soon be in touch with you.


You are welcome to ask any question or give any comment - we are to serve you and to love you with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.


God bless!

Advancing the Kingdom Globally