December 4, 2016



Dear friends, fellow Kingdom Global members, fellow workers in the Lord's Harvest,


As we look at all of Africa, we see an Africa filled with the glory of God.  We see every community in Africa being transformed into a Kingdom Community, where love, peace and joy reigns.  We see the curse of witchcraft, sickness and poverty broken.  We see an end coming to abuse, slavery and aggression.  We see happy children, families and communities laughing and eating together, enjoying the goodness of the Lord in their lives.  


We see it, we proclaim it by faith and we daily take bold steps to see that heavenly vision become reality on the streets and in the homes of Africa.


Jesus Christ is Lord.  He will reign in all the earth.  The enemy will be defeated.  Jesus Christ will reign until He has made the enemy His footstool.  The God of peace shall crush satan under our feet.  The Kingdom of God shall be established in all the earth.


Dear friends, since we are on a holy mission in the service of the King Himself, we need to realize that by become part of Kingdom Global we have become part of a mighty army of the Lord, called to proclaim the Kingdom of God to every community across Africa.  As army of the Lord - fighting with spiritual weapons of righteousness to destroy the works of the devil in every city, town and village - we have been called to be very focused on our calling and our mission.  


🔻God has given us a specific identity - our identity in Christ Jesus.

🔻God has given us a specific motivation to do what we do - our Love for God and our love for people.

🔻God has given us a specific vision - Advancing the Kingdom Globally

🔻God has given us a specific strategy - Enter => Establish => Multiply

🔻God has given us specific values - Love, Hope and Faith.


Dear fellow warriors in the Lord's army, let us move forward with a sure understanding of our mission - to advance the Kingdom of God in our community, in communities across our country and in communities globally.  

In every nation we are constantly looking to define new domains that will soon see a powerful move of God in His people.  In Kenya, for example, we have already defined Nairobi, Mombasa and Homa Bay Kingdom Communities.  As more people come in from different towns across Kenya, we will also open up new Kingdom Communities for them.


Let us then do the same for every other country in Africa.


Therefore, let us continue to spread the word throughout our nation.  As people from a new city or town in your nation join Kingdom Global, we open up a new Kingdom Community for their town.  


These Facebook and WhatsApp groups are round tables - platforms - in cyberspace created for interaction and fellowship between members.    


That then translates to physical meetings taking place in those communities - prayer meetings, worship meetings, evangelism, discipleship, preaching and teaching meetings, home visitations and mercy ministries.  Eventually this leads to the formation of new Kingdom Communities, Kingdom Companies and Kingdom Organizations in that town.


🔻When you form the new Kingdom Community, Kingdom Company or Kingdom Organization, be sure to inform my Personal Assistant Isolde.

🔻If you have not yet received a Kingdom Global Membership number, then please fill in this form.

🔻If you desire to become part of KGTEAM in your country, please fill out this form.  

🔻It is a privilege and great responsibility to become part of KGTEAM.  Before you apply, please carefully and prayerfully go through all the information on  It is especially important to know, understand and fully memorize the Kingdom Global Strategy and the Kingdom Global DNA.

🔻Remember that our organizational structure is not that of a pyramid, but of a matrix.  We are all important in the Kingdom of God, each fulfilling his own function and moving in his own anointing.

🔻In Kingdom Global, we believe in the five-fold ministry - Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.  Those five fold ministry callings carry an anointing of the Lord for a specific purpose for Kingdom Advancing.  Also remember that those ministry gifts are not titles.  We do not do fancy-sounding titles.  We do not believe in superstars.  We do believe though that every Christian - man and woman and young and old - has been given an anointing by the Lord to live a powerful Kingdom Life.

🔻Therefore you don't need to call me titles.  Simply call me Hugo. 

🔻We greatly respect the work of God through every genuine church and ministry.  Many have ministered sacrificially for years and decades.  It is our privilege to take hands with such ministries and churches to together advance the Kingdom of God in every nation on earth.  It is all about our Glorious Father God, our Glorious Lord and King Jesus Christ and the glorious Holy Spirit.  To God alone be all the glory. 

🔻Send this message out to all your people.  Read it to them and ask them to read it to their family and friends.  Include the children and the little children - never underestimate their importance and level of understanding.

🔻Know that by joining the Kingdom Global Group, you become part of a movement and a platform that will bring you in contact with fellow Kingdom Global members and KGTEAM members in many countries worldwide.  This includes very exciting countries like Russia and Singapore.


Dear friends, 


Let us get ready to see that which no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind has conceived.  The Holy Spirit will continually to lead us higher to see the manifest glory of the Lord revealed in all of Africa.  We will soar on wings like eagles to see mighty moves of the Holy Spirit sweep across Africa.  


Let us therefore take hands like never before and constantly bring in new people to join with us to see EVERY COMMUNITY IN AFRICA TRANSFORMED INTO A KINGDOM COMMUNITY.  


One Lord.  One Mission. One Temple.  One Team.  


With love in Christ,

Hugo van Niekerk


Overseer - Kingdom Global Group



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