Kingdom Global Pioneer

The Kingdom Global Group is in essence a front line ministry, constantly advancing the Kingdom of God into previously dark and unsaved territories.  Kingdom Global Pioneer brings you decades of experience and wisdom in establishing the Kingdom of God in new regions of the world.  Vision.  Preparation.  Breakthrough.  Establishing the work.  Then multiplying it into new domains.  This is the heart of Kingdom Global Pioneer.


Pioneer ministry in new areas involve doing work that might seem small and insignificant at first, but then grows and multiplies over time.  The pioneer has the heart of Noah, who already had a clear vision of the coming flood and the ark he was about to built, even before he started building it.  The pioneer has the heart of Moses, who trusted God enough to lead a nation of three million people out of slavery into freedom and a new beginning.  The pioneer has the heart of David, who took Israel to becoming a victorious, powerful and God-fearing nation.  


At the heart of Kingdom Global Pioneer is to do what Moses did:  not only did he lead the people of God out of slavery into a bright new future, but he also raised up another pioneer, Joshua, who would finish the job by taking the people of God into the promised land.  Joshua didn't stop there - he continued to advance the Kingdom of God until the entire Promised Land was occupied.  


Kingdom Global Pioneer is dedicated to raising up a generation of Joshua pioneers who will see the Kingdom of God established in nations and communities globally.



Hugo van Niekerk




Advancing the Kingdom Globally

Advancing the Kingdom Globally