Dear President, Chairman and CEO,


We are inviting your organisation to join the Kingdom Global Group.  By joining us, you will be taking hands with a movement of like-minded churches, ministries, companies, institutions and organisations, all focused on advancing the Kingdom of God in every community of their nation.


As part of the Kingdom Global Group, your organisation will greatly benefit from shared giftings, talents and resources in the movement.  Our goal is to help your organisation MULTIPLY across your nation and beyond your borders into nations worldwide.


The Kingdom Global Group requires a commitment to the Kingdom Global DNA and to building deep friendship relationships with other organisations in the movement.  No financial commitment is required.


At the heart of the Kingdom Global Strategy is the vision to transform every community in every nation worldwide into a healthy, God-serving Kingdom Community.  In some way, your organisation will fit into this vision.  We would like to see the blessing of your organisation reach every community globally.  At the same time, your organisation will greatly expand into your nation and internationally.


Remember that communities are towns and villages, suburbs of cities, farms, factories, universities, hospitals, companies and any other institution that brings a community of people together.  Our goal is to advance the Kingdom of God in those communities, rather than waiting for them to come to us.  We are taking the church to the people!


In Kingdom Global we focus on raising up Kingdom Communities through the Kingdom Global Strategy.  The church rises up from within the community.  Leadership emerges from within the community.  The Kingdom Community makes its own decisions.  The Kingdom Community is self-governing and financially independent.  The Kingdom Community sets aside 10% of its finances to advance the Kingdom in new communities.  These finances are used by the Kingdom Community itself, as they are guided by the Holy Spirit to target new communities for Kingdom Advancing.


As an organisation in the Kingdom Global Group you will both be enriched by the rest of the movement and be a blessing to the movement.  Your unique ministry, message, gifts, talents and resources will strengthen many others and so strengthen the entire movement.  

Together we are stronger.

Together we will destroy the works of the evil one.

Together we will slain every giant that comes against us.

Together we will follow Jesus Christ and bring Him glory in all the earth.

Together we will advance the Kingdom of God in all our communities.


In Kingdom Global we are here to strengthen you and your organisation.  We desire to see your organisation planted like a strong tree next to the water - a tree that will bear fruit and cause many more trees to multiply into the horizon.  There is no limit to what God can do through you!


As pastor and minister called by God, it will be our privilege to serve you, love you and respect you.  We are looking forward to your friendship.  We are looking forward to praying with you that God will abundantly bless you, your family and the organisation that He has entrusted to you.  Above all, we are looking forward to together worshipping our Father in Heaven in spirit and in truth.


Let's take hands to advance the Kingdom of God in every nation on earth.  Let us do it as friends, as brothers and as co-labourers in the Lord's Harvest.


With love in Christ,

The Kingdom Global TEAM

Hugo van Niekerk


Advancing the Kingdom Globally

We are looking forward to taking hands with you for Kingdom Advancing in the nations.  One of our KGTEAM members will soon be in touch with you.


You are welcome to ask any question or give any comment - we are to serve you and to love you with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.


God bless!

Advancing the Kingdom Globally