Building the Future Today




  • NewGenSA is a coming youth movement in South Africa that includes children and young people from ages 5 to 25.  

  • The movement will be community based and school based and will eventually include every school and community in South Africa. 

  • NewGenSA is expected to grow to 100 000 children in two years and to 1 million children in 5 years.

  • At the heart of strategy is the goal to raise up 10 mentors in every school in South Africa - 5 boys and 5 girls - that will be mentored to lead the ​NewGen​SA​ movement in their school.​ 

  • All other educational institutions will be included in the same manner.​

  • NewGenSA aims to help every child in South Africa release his full God-given potential.  This covers character development, life skills, interpersonal development, academic development and preparation for adult life, both at home at work.

  • Discovering and developing talent:  NewGenSA will constantly be on the lookout for talent in a wide spectrum of fields and then to develop that talent.

  • Academic development:  

  • Creating a safety net:  NewGenSA creates a trusted platform where children at risk can quickly be assisted.  This includes areas like health, personal safety, bullying, etc.  NewGenSA will work in close cooperation with the respective authorities and agencies on any issues.  

  • NewGenSA will work in close cooperation with all governmental, non-governmental and all other relevant agencies and organisations to serve, strengthen and equip the children and youth of South Africa.  

  • The Pretoria building will serve as the Headquarters for NewGenSA.  Extensive training facilities are needed to accommodate daily training, mentoring and equipping of the children of South Africa.  The NewGenSA Headquarters will serve as a training, coordination and communications facility.   Training and mentoring session will be conducted both in-house and via communication link-ups with schools and institutions country-wide.  A building of this size is needed to raise up, equip and coordinate a movement of more than 1 million people.​

  • Skills centre:  The NewGenSA Headquarters will also serve as a skills centre, where a wide spectrum of skills will be taught to the young people.

  • NewGenSA will greatly increase the child's social skills and academic capability to prepare him or her for building a healthy family and a successful business or career.

  • ​ NewGenSA <=> Business Sector: NewGenSA connects the youth of South Africa with the business community.  The crossover from the years of education into the workforce is a high priority.  

  • NewGenSA will continue to develop the integration of South Africa's youth into the workforce. 


​NewGenSA - Building the Future Today

​​Some additional information on NewGenSA

New Generation SA is a coming mass youth movement that will help reach the children and youth of South Africa to reach their mountain tops of destiny.

All school-going children and youth up to age 25 will have the opportunity to commit themselves to a high, healthy lifestyle that will lead to long-lasting success in their lives.

A core truth in New Generation SA is that each child has an amazing God-given potential.  That great potential is realized by

(1) Using unique keys to unlock that potential,

(2) Turning obstacles into stepping stones,

(3) Avoiding dangerous pitfalls.

Every member of New Generation SA enters into an exclusive world of mentoring, equipping and a host of privileges and opportunities.  Your commitment to apply what you have received will determine how high you will go.

A member of New Generation SA is taken from one level to the next.  The higher you go, the more opportunities open up to you.

Qualification for Membership in New Generation SA:

Commitment to a pure, high lifestyle that will bring great benefit to you, your home and your community.  This includes a commitment to the NewGen​SA Motives, Vision, Strategy and Values.

• NewGen​SA​ Motives: We DO because we LOVE.

• NewGenSA Vision: Transforming YOU, your HOME and your COMMUNITY.

• NewGen​SA​ Strategy: GROWING stronger and wiser to GO higher and further.

• NewGenSA​ Values:  We LOVE, we HOPE, we BELIEVE.

NewGenSA is about a PURE, PASSIONATE lifestyle that leads to great and lasting results in your life.  You will reach your goals of transformation on a personal level, transformation of the family that you will one day build and transformation of your community.

A PURE lifestyle is a lifestyle committed to building up the people in your life.  It is a lifestyle that GIVES rather than takes.  As you give more, you will receive more, so that you can give even more.   In the process you yourself will be greatly blessed.

As a member of New Generation SA, you will be equipped to recognize and avoid the tragic pitfalls that cause people to miss their destiny.  Some of those dangerous pitfalls include wrong friends, smoking, drinking, drugs and sex outside marriage.  You will be equipped to walk in the straight, narrow road of no compromise that leads to great reward.  You will be taught to act in great respect towards all people, regardless of their race, religion, gender, age or social standing.

When others lie, cheat,steal and cut corners, you will be honest, upright, hard working and living in integrity.  Your words and conduct will inspire many others to follow your example and live in the light.  Before you know it, your life will start to influence and change the lives of many others!

At New Generation SA, we build into your great future by investing into you.  Your level of growth today is the stepping stone for your next level of growth.  Each new level leads you higher and further towards reaching the MOUNTAINTOP of your destiny.

Each member of NewGenSA receives his unique membership number.  Your number is your NewGen Key.  Access to your private CloudRoom is gained through your NewGen​SA​ Key via the internet or an App on your device.

The CloudRoom is a NewGenSA's private space that can be arranged as he or she desires.  It is a highly visual space in cyberspace where you can up posters of dreams, inspiration and personal goals.  You will also receive daily inspiration, reminders and information in your CloudRoom.

Once you have reached a certain NewGenSA​ level, you will receive a loyalty card that gives you privileges and discounts at many outlets throughout South Africa.  At even higher levels your loyalty card will become a bank card, enabling you to responsibly manage your finances.

High level NewGen​SA​ members will see opportunities open up into the professional world.  This includes scholarships and job opportunities.  As high level NewGen member, you have qualified yourself as a person that is in high demand by companies and institutions globally.

The goal of any NewGen​SA​ member is much higher than simply building a successful business or career.  It is to build a successful family, which is the building block of a successful nation.

NewGen​SA​ members will have the opportunity to be introduced to The Key, which will ensure their present and eternal success in life.

Feedback:  NewGen​SA​ members will constantly give feedback on their personal development, health, safety and other information via the NewGen ​SA​ App.  As they enter their CloudRooms, they are prompted to rate different aspects in their lives on a 1-5 scale.  There are also BUTTONS:  FAQ, questions on any topic and a red emergency button to report any dangerous situation like abuse, domestic violence, bullying at school, absent teachers, etc.

The FEEDBACK SYSTEM becomes a powerful tool to analyse the needs of children in areas and regions.  We will be the single best real time and ongoing source of information to constantly improve education, healthcare and other related services to the communities.

The focus of NewGenSA is firstly on preparing the child to build a success family in his adult life and secondly on building a successful career.  STRONG FAMILIES are the basic building blocks of a STRONG NATION.

NewGenSA aims to grow to 100 000 members in two years' time and to 1 million members in the next 5 years.

​NewGenSA​ - Building the Future Today

Advancing the Kingdom Globally