KINGDOM COMPANIES is a key Vertical in the Kingdom Global Matrix.  


A Kingdom Company is a for-profit entity where the real bottom line is to Advance the Kingdom through its products and services.  The more successful a Kingdom Company, the bigger its influence and its ability to mobilize resources and exert the authority of God in various spheres of society.  Kingdom Companies also become a platform for establishing a Kingdom Community within its people.


At the heart of Kingdom Global is the vision to see the Kingdom of God come to every community on earth.  An integral part of that vision is community transformation.  Community transformation begins with a vibrant spiritual life - with prayer and worship at its very heart - which results in healthy and prosperous family relationships. Community transformation then deals with the following areas:

  1. Access to clean drinking water.

  2. Access to enough food for everyone.

  3. Creating a safe environment, free from crime and corruption.

  4. Access to healthcare.

  5. Access to energy - electricity and fuel.

  6. Access to quality education

  7. Access to the internet.

  8. Access to markets. 

  9. Creating a community of significance.

  10. Creating a community that will multiply its Kingdom Culture to surrounding communities.

Kingdom Companies play a key role in all aspects of Community Transformation.  Strong profitability gives them them the ability not only to survive, but to thrive, to multiply and to bring heaven's dominion into all spheres of society.


If your company wants to join the Kingdom Global Group as a Kingdom Company, or if you desire your company to be transformed into a Kingdom Company, then please contact us here.



Hugo van Niekerk




Advancing the Kingdom Globally

Advancing the Kingdom Globally