​A Kingdom Community is a community church.  Kingdom Communities are born when the Kingdom of God manifests in a community.  Our goal is to see a Kingdom Community established in every community globally - whether it is a community where people live of a community where people work.  


Examples of communities are a town, a suburb in a city, a village, a company, a factory or university.  Wherever communities are, we aim to plant Kingdom Communities.


Join a Kingdom Community today - become part of God's answer for your community.

We have defined more than 2000 Kingdom Communities in Gauteng and elsewhere in South Africa.

In Facebook please search for your Kingdom Community by using your community name.  For example say you stay in Fairview all you need to do is search for  "Fairview Kingdom Community" to see if there is a KC already set up for you.

If you don't find any Kingdom Community please write to us using the links below.

Please join one of our Kingdom Communities by clicking here or to start a new one click here.

Advancing the Kingdom Globally