Dear friend, 


Welcome to the family!  Welcome to the house of God.  Welcome to love, peace and true friendship.  Welcome to breakthrough, victory and your journey to the fullness of your destiny.  


Kingdom Global is all about God.  At Kingdom Global, God is our goal, our life, our all.  He is the reason we live.  Because of Him we have a sure hope and a secure future.  


Kingdom Global is a Holy Spirit powered Jesus movement.  It is a movement where people from all backgrounds and walks of life take hands to follow the One and Only Lord of all. It is a movement of godly synergies that empowers, embraces and protects men, women and children.  In unity is strength.  In godly unity we become invincible.


The Kingdom is the King's domain.  It is the spiritual paradise territory that can only be entered by being born again. This Kingdom is wonderful beyond imagination.  And it is available to all who will call upon the Lord. 


In the prophet Daniel, chapter 2, the Kingdom of God is described as a huge mountain that fills the entire earth.  This Kingdom is the kingdom that crushes all other kingdoms; it is the Kingdom that will stand forever.  Through Jesus Christ, the King of the Kingdom, we are eternally part of this eternal kingdom.  That is why we are absolutely committed to bring this good news of the Kingdom to every human being globally.


Our passionate vision is to see the Kingdom of God advance in all the nations, as it is in heaven.  Our proclamation is that His Kingdom will come and His will be done, in every heart, home and community as it is in heaven.   The Menlyn Maine church will be a key anchor - an apostolic centre - in the Kingdom Global movement.  From there multitudes of Kingdom Advancers will go out to advance the Kingdom in their communities.  As we go out, our mission is to see our communities - where we live and where we work - transformed into Kingdom Communities.


WORSHIP - our number one priority

The number one reason we come together is to worship God. Surely God will bless us mightily in His presence, but we firstly come together not to be blessed, but to bless Him. This is the Mt. 6:33 principle - as we seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, everything that we personally need will be added to us.

There is no greater joy and happiness on earth than to worship Almighty Father God in the assembly of the saints.

Be prepared to experience worship where the glory and the presence of God will manifest mightily in the house. What makes the difference in worship? On God's side - His Holy Spirit leads us into the holy of holies. On our side, our sincere hearts of love, fully devoted to Him, allow the Holy Spirit to take us into new dimensions of His presence.


At our Sunday morning corporate worship service we will experience the manifest presence and glory of God.


Come, be part of this heavenly experience of God.


It is all about God.  Everything we do is focused on God.   We do because of God.  We do FOR God.  Whatever we do, we do with the power and wisdom given by God.

In Kingdom Global it is about more than asking God to bless what we do.  It is about finding out what God is doing and then moving with Him.  To be with Him and in the heart of His will is the greatest blessing that we can ever desire. 


We have chosen to move with God and we are inviting you to join us on this journey.

Advancing the Kingdom Globally