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Here we want to share inspirational Scriptures, Testimonies and Encouraging Messages for those who need it in order to build faith and increase hope.
Perhaps you have an inspirational message, encouraging testimony or a Bible Scripture or even a Chapter that will serve as a means to build faith and hope for those who are going through tests and trials.
Your encouragement can in the format of a video message, voice message, text message or even a paragraph or two that you've written down. 
Here are a few pointers:
  • Keep the message short and stick to the specific topic you want to discus. No lengthy sermons will be posted because the idea is for short but high impact messages.  Keep any recording lengths to less that 5 minutes.
  • Please add scripture references to help those who might not know where a scripture is in the Bible.
  • In case of video or voice recordings please speak slowly and clearly. Best to make recordings where there is very little background noise.
  • Video content can be uploaded to Youtube or other video hosts as long as you share the link with us.
  • All material can be sent to
  • By submitting any content Kingdom Global Group (KGG) assumes that you give us full right to share such content without any compensation to you or KGG. We reserve the right to withhold material from being posted.
  • If you are not the originator the material you share please include the source. Plagiarism is a criminal offence and KGG take no responsibility for such material shared or posted.
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