Identity - Who?

Christ-based identity.

Motive - Why?

Because we love God and people.

Vision - What?

Advancing the Kingdom Globally

Strategy - How?


Values - In what atmosphere?

Love, Hope, Faith


Identity - Who?

Christ-based identity.

Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

● Matthew - Lion - King - Authority

● Mark - Ox - Servant - Servanthood
● Luke - Man - Son of Man - Compassion

● John - Eagle - Son of God - Divine

Motive - Why?

Because we love God and people.
Jn. 3:16

● God first loved us.
● In response we fully love Him.
● His love in us causes us to greatly love people.

Vision - What?

● Advancing the Kingdom Globally
● Mat. 6:10

His Mission, Our Mission

Strategy - How?

 Enter    Establish    Multiply 

Mt. 13 - the Parable of the Sower

● The Seed received by the soil:  Enter

● The Roots going down into the soil: Establish

● The Fruit: Multiply

Values - In what atmosphere?

● Love, Hope, Faith

1 Cor. 13:13


Dear friends,

Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil (1 Jn.3:8) and to bring us LIFE in abundance (Jn.10:10).

In the beginning God proclaimed LIGHT and there was light (Gen. 1:3). 

Then came the day that he once again sent His Word to this world.  That Word - Jesus Christ - is the light that drives away all darkness (Jn. 1:1-14).

Now WE have been commanded by God to proclaim the Word in His name.  Wherever the Word is received by faith, men and women are born again and enter into the light and the Kingdom of God.
Therefore, in whatever communities we are operating in or planning to operate in, let us speak LIVE TO THE DEAD BONES and proclaim that a MIGHTY SPIRIT-FILLED ARMY OF GOD will rise up to establish the Kingdom of God in that community.

Remember that our goal together is to see glorious Kingdom Communities established in every community in Globally.


The only way to reach the MULTITUDES is through MULTIPLICATION.
When we stand together in unity, powerful NATION TRANSFORMING synergies are created.
True unity comes when we are in agreement on (1)WHO we are, (2)WHY we do what we do, (3)WHERE we are going, (4)HOW we will get there and (5)in WHAT ATMOSPHERE we will do it.

This is called the KINGDOM GLOBAL DNA - in short the KG DNA.

The KG DNA is based on the person, character and teaching of Jesus Christ.  This determines our (1)IDENTITY that leads to the right (2)MOTIVE and therefore a God-given (3)VISION accomplished through a divine (4)STRATEGY in an atmosphere of godly (5)VALUES.

As we impart the KG DNA into the family, movement, company, church or organization that we lead, we will become powerful KINGDOM ADVANCERS, bringing the glory of King Jesus to hearts, homes and communities globally.

May every day of our lives count for eternity.


At the heart of the Kingdom Global movement is the impartation of the KG DNA.  Rather than forming rigid structures, we put much focus and huge effort into imparting a Heavenly, Godly DNA into every Kingdom Community, Kingdom Ministry, Company or Organization in the movement.  This ensures the formation of highly flexible, dynamic and Holy Spirit-led organic structures that never stop to grow and develop.


The Kingdom Global DNA is Christ-centered and focused on multiplication.  In Kingdom Global we constantly teach that "It isn't about how BIG it is, but about how MULTIPLIABLE it is."

The KG DNA consists of five Elements: Identity, Motivation, Vision, Strategy and Values.  The impartation of the DNA ensures quality multiplication of the movement into different situations, age groups, cultures and scenarios, whether it is a Western first world city, developing world village or an Asian Mega city.

- The Kingdom Global mandate -


​​​In the book of Acts we read about the church of Jesus Christ moving in love, simplicity and the power of the Holy Spirit. He was in the midst of the people. The church were the people of God IN society, TRANSFORMING society at lightning speed.


Nothing could stop the spread of the gospel. The church started to spread like wildfire throughout the Roman Empire. Nobody - not even the mighty Roman Empire - could stop this Spirit-led Jesus movement. This was a people movement under way that would permanently change the course of history.


By the 2nd century Christianity had already spread to London, in the corner of the Roman Empire. Even in the face of the most fierce persecution, the disciples of Jesus Christ continued to multiply into every layer of society. For every Christian martyred for his faith, ten others would take up their cross and follow Jesus.


Fast forward to the 4th century. If Genesis 3 can be called the Chapter of Tragedy when man sinned against God, then the 4th century can be called the Century of Tragedy, when Emperor Constantine declared Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.


Although there were always those who continued in the true uncompromising faith and purity of dedication to Jesus Christ, masses of people fell into the trap of a new organized religion - the Roman Empire's version of Christianity.


By the 11th century this ridiculous Romanized version of Christianity was in such a horrific state that hordes of North European 'Christians' descended southwards towards Jerusalem, leaving a trail of blood and mass murder in their quest to retake the Holy City. Didn't God say that our battle isn't against flesh and blood, but again spiritual forces? Didn't Jesus set the example in advancing the Kingdom of God not with spear and sword, but in love and servanthood in the power of the Holy Spirit?


As the formal church moved away from the light, Europe was cast into a spiritual darkness known today as the Dark Age.

Then the REFORMATION came! As early as the 14th century, rays of light started to break through. By the 16th century reformers like Luther and Calvin have ushered in a new era of revelation and restoration of the truth. Even today the reformation is continuing, as we come to rediscover ancient truths in Scripture, heavenly treasures awaiting discovery by those whose spiritual eyes will open up, recognize and embrace them.


Very soon we will be celebrating 500 years of Reformation. What we need to understand is that the reformation was mainly a reformation of TRUTH. What we need today is a reformation of LIFESTYLE. Even today many dark age, pre-reformation ways of doing church have been carried over right into the 21st century.




For too many Christians, Christianity is still based on a Sunday morning church service in a church building. In that glorious two hours of the Sunday morning service, praise and worship goes up to the Father, the Word of God is proclaimed, the family of God love, greet and bless one another... it is truly an amazing time of heavenly blessing manifesting on earth.


Praise God for great Sunday morning services. Now about the other 166 hours of the week - imagine the worship, the unity, the love of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit filling all the other 166 hours of our week!


Reformed lifestyle is about abiding in the Holy Spirit every minute of the day, night and day, seven days a week. That is true church. Heavenly lifestyle made manifest on earth. Jesus at the dinner table and Jesus in the boardroom - through you and me.


The Holy Spirit doesn't need soft music and an air-conditioned auditorium to move mightily in signs, wonders and miracles. A powerful move of God at the dinner tables of a community might bring more transformation to that community than a great move at the Sunday morning service. Jesus is there where real people are in real life. It is time that we start moving with Him.


The Head of the Body is there where the rubber hits the road, where the 'pawpaw strikes the fan' - it is time for the Body to get in line with the Head.



The Kingdom Global mandate is all about raising up churches in communities.

That is why we call our churches 'Kingdom Communities.'

Leadership of the Kingdom Communities emerges from the community itself. Resources are raised IN the community and are utilized BY the community FOR the community. Authority is decentralized and localized, tailor-made by the Holy Spirit for every unique community and every unique situation.


Kingdom Global Gauteng is an emerging movement of churches that will eventually cover all of Gauteng.




Kingdom Global Gauteng is now approaching the end of its first quarter of active operation. In these three months we have seen people from all corners of Gauteng joining us. All of them carry the same vision - to see the Kingdom of God established in HEARTS, HOMES and COMMUNITIES throughout Gauteng.


By the grace of God we are raising up a DREAM TEAM for the purpose of fulfilling the Kingdom Global Gauteng mandate. The team is known as Kingdom Global TEAM or KGTEAM.


T.E.A.M. - Trained, Eager and Able Ministers.


My goal is to build, lead, equip and shepherd this TEAM of Kingdom Advancers to see a Kingdom Community established in every community in Gauteng.

Friends, I am in meeting after meeting with individuals, ministries and organizations who want to take hands with us. There is place for anyone who has a heart for God and His people. If you experience the prompting of the Holy Spirit, then you need to talk to us.

In this time of celebrating the birth of our King Jesus Christ, let us make a fresh commitment to seek His Kingdom with all our heart.

With love in Christ,
Hugo van Niekerk and the Kingdom Global TEAM


Mattew 6:10 Your Kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Advancing the Kingdom Globally