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Kingdom Global Asia will be headquartered in Singapore, where Kingdom Global leaders Hugo and Rika van Niekerk have lived with their family 2011 - 2015.  Singapore is the Antioch of Asia.  It is an extremely strong and prosperous island-state in Southeast Asia with a strong Christian population.  From Singapore, two thirds of the entire global population are situated within seven hours of flying.  Singapore serves as a transportation hub for the region - its airport is probably the best airport in the world and numerous flights can take one practically anywhere in the world.


Singapore is a leader in marketplace ministry.  Valuable experience has been gained in Singapore as to how Kingdom Advancing needs to be done in a world city.


The ministry of Kingdom Global started off in Central Asia in former Soviet Union countries and then developed eastwards towards India, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Kingdom Global Asia is looking to take hands with like-minded Christians in all Asian countries to see community transforming Kingdom Communities established in every community of every country in Asia.  It is essential that anyone becoming part of the Kingdom Global Group is committed to the Kingdom Global DNA for Kingdom Advancing.  Those who feel led by the Holy Spirit to become part of the Kingdom Global Group, can apply for their churchministrycommercial company or organisation to join.


Let us take hands to Advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in every community in every nation in Asia.  Let us together take hands to establish self-governed Kingdom Communities in every every community in Asia.


Together we will do it.  

By His grace and by the power of the Holy Spirit it will be accomplished.



Advancing the Kingdom Globally