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TEAM - a Thousand Eager and Able Ministers.
  • K.G.T.E.A.M. - Kingdom Global Thousand Eager and Able Ministers.
  • KGTEAM - a Thousand Eager and Able Ministers Advancing the Kingdom of God globally.
  • In our quest to establish Kingdom Communities - churches - in communities globally, we are busy building a THOUSAND MEMBER TEAM from various countries, working in unity to see the vision become reality.  
  • KGTEAM is a loving family of disciples of Jesus Christ.  KGTEAM is made up from men and women from all backgrounds, races and ages.
  • KGTEAM is united through our one and only King and Shepherd, Jesus Christ.
  • KGTEAM - a Thousand Eager and Able Ministers - is earmarked to become a highly trained team of ministers raised up to advance the Kingdom of God globally.  Our vision is very clear - to establish a Kingdom Community in every community wherever the Lord takes us.  All over the world, people live and work in communities.  Examples of communities are suburbs, apartment blocks, companies, universities, hospitals, farms and factories.  The heartbeat of Kingdom Global is to see communities worldwide transformed into Kingdom Communities by the powerful working of the Holy Spirit through the children of God.
  • KGTEAM is destined to be a mighty army of highly trained spiritual warriors, resolute to proclaim the Kingdom of Light wherever it goes.
  • The basis of KGTEAM is Ephesians 4:11, which states that the five-fold ministry has been given by Jesus to equip the saints for ministry.  Therefore KGTEAM undergoes intensive training, constantly taking the team ever higher to the next level of wisdom, power and maturity.
  • In line with 1 Cor. 3, KGTEAM is becoming a mighty team of wise master builders, able to build the temple of the Lord in all its glory.  
  • As KGTEAM grows in the depth of its relationship with God and one another, powerful synergies of various skills, giftings and anointings are created.  
  • KGTEAM members head up various Kingdom Verticals and Horizontals, caused to the Kingdom Matrix to expand on a continual basis.
  • KGTEAM moves forward with a specific VISION - Advancing the Kingdom Globally - and a specific Strategy - the seven phase Kingdom Strategy.

Dear friends, no words can describe the joy of being part of a huge team of Spirit-led ministers, all working in unity to bring the multitudes into the Kingdom of God.  You are invited to become part of this team.  
You have the opportunity to become part of a Jesus movement that will bring a paradigm shift to the spiritual atmosphere in a multitude of communities globally.  


Everything that we do in the Kingdom of God is a result of our love for God.  Above all, a KGTEAM member will have a burning love for God - an ever-increasing love for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Your attitude determines your altitude.  A KGTEAM member has a 'can do' attitude, always loving, always hoping, always believing, never complaining, never criticizing.  We continue to strive for the ridiculously impossible, yet absolutely possible by the grace of Almighty God.

C. Team Player
The greatest anointing is the corporate anointing.  KGTEAM members are team players.  We work together, we love together and we laugh together.  In submitting to one other, we submit to Christ.  Wherever we go, we create win-win situations.  Together we win.  Together we are strong.  Together we overcome.  As true brothers and sisters in Christ, we greatly love and respect each other.  We fully trust one another.  We never cease to encourage one another.  In an atmosphere of the divine love of God, incredible goals are accomplished.

D. Full commitment to the Kingdom Global DNA

The Kingdom Global DNA is:
1. Identity
2. Motives
3. Vision
4. Strategy
5. Values
1 IDENTITY - WHO we are in Christ.  It is all about Christ -
i. who Christ is
ii. who we are in Christ
iii. who Christ is in us.
2 MOTIVATION - WHY we do what we do.  Our motivation is our love for God.  We do what we do because we love God.  His love in us then overflows to love for people.  Our motivation is based on Jn. 3:16 - everything God does for us is based on His great love for us.
3 VISION - WHAT we aim to accomplish.  Our vision is to Advance the Kingdom of God globally - in every HEART, HOME and COMMUNITY.  Our vision is based on Mt. 6:10 - bringing the Kingdom of HEAVEN to every community on EARTH.  

The PRACTICAL APPLICATION of the vision is to see every community in the nations transformed into a Kingdom Community.
4 STRATEGY - HOW we will accomplish the vision. 
Our strategy is summed up by:  ENTERESTABLISHMULTIPLY
Gen. 1 states that we have to fill the earth with the glory of God by being FRUITFUL and then MULTIPLY, until we fill all the earth.  The parable of the sower in Mt. 13 shows that the Kingdom SEED is first received, then the ROOTS come forth, then finally KINGDOM FRUIT is produced.
 I.   As we receive the SEED of the gospel of the Kingdom, we ENTER the Kingdom of God by being born-again.  
 II.  As we get ROOTED in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit, we are ESTABLISHED in the Kingdom of God.
 III. As we produce FRUIT in our lives, we MULTIPLY the Kingdom of God into hearts, homes, communities and nations.
The STRATEGY - the PRACTICAL APPLICATION of the vision - to establish Kingdom Communities globally, is as follows:
1. Define the Domain
2. Cover in Prayer
3. Find the Key Person
4. Form the Core Group
5. Launch the Kingdom Group Multiplication
6. Establish the fully functioning Kingdom Community
7. Target new Domains
5 VALUES - in what atmosphere will the vision be accomplished.
Our values are summed up by LOVE, HOPE and FAITH.  We always move in unity and humility.  We acknowledge that God will accomplish His perfect will through imperfect people like us.  We move on the basis of a deep inner revelation and peace, not because some told us to move.  We never measure to compare, but rather to understand how we can improve.  We want to be more passionate and dedicated to win souls and make disciples of Jesus than the most diligent business tycoon is to make money.
The Kingdom Global DNA  - Identity-Motives-Vision-Strategy-Values - is based on a commitment to SOUND DOCTRINE, firmly based on the Bible and a commitment to a HOLY, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

As ministers of God, we are called to a high level of holiness.  Our WALK has to line up with our TALK.  Our family and relationships have to testify to our godly lifestyle.  The words that we speak should always reflect our heavenly calling.  Successful long-term relationships is a major indicator of a godly lifestyle.

It is imperative to prayerfully read through the content of the Kingdom Kingdom Platform.  We are ready to discuss any issue and clarify any point.  We invite intelligent, constructive discussion to gain better understanding.  We love any question born from a honest, searching heart.  

Dear brother and sisters in Christ, the time that we have been given by God on this earth is limited.  We have work to do.  A huge harvest of souls has to be brought in to the Kingdom before Christ returns.  

Let us make every day of our life count.  Let us stand in faith for that which is so impossible to accomplish in our own strength, that we will be forced to trust in the supernatural, miraculous work of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the impossible.

We are calling you to become part of the One Thousand.  If the Holy Spirit speaks to you, then we are looking forward to hearing from you.
With love in Christ,

"Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all people, nations and languages should serve Him.  His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed."
(Dan. 7:14)

Advancing the Kingdom Globally