Daughters of Kenya is a Christian Faith based non profit making charitable organization established under the Kenya Charitable Foundation incorporated under the Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act Cap 164 of the Laws of Kenya. Daughters of Kenya was founded in May 2016 by Knight K. Muteti Langat (Mrs) and our basic focus is totally orphaned Kenyan Girls between the age of 2 to 24 years.


Founder’s story

I am a first born in a family of four children; two boys and two girls. I was brought up in a modern Christian family at a place called Wote; Makueni County of Kenya by both parents. My father was a Politician and a human rights crusader at the same time whereas my mother is a trained teacher working with the government of Kenya. My parents nurtured us in a Christian way and educated all of us up to the university level where we all attained our first degree. Challenges began after the death of my father who was the key family bread winner. He had promised to support my education to the highest level of my dreams and that was a PhD, unfortunately life changed immediately after his death. My mother could only afford the basic needs hence my dream for further education was shuttered and my next option was to get married without achieving my dreams and vision. I questioned myself if life had totally changed without one parent; my father, how would it be to the totally orphaned children? There and then, the Spirit of God led me to establish the Daughters of Kenya whom our Main focus is on the totally orphaned girls.

Knight Muteti Langat holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work from the University of Nairobi and she is currently pursuing her Masters in Leadership and Governance from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

The Chairperson

Mrs Alice Adoyo Ngwalla, the Daughters of Kenya Chairperson is an established business lady in Kenya. She is the Managing Director of Wonderland Foods and Catering Supplies; a premier catering services company established in 1997 that serve most corporate companies in Kenya and some government institutions.

Having worked as a cateress and the Head of Housekeeping in Ogande Girls Secondary School and Cardinal Otunga High School the period between 1982 – 1996, Mrs Alice Adonyo Ngwalla has a key observation and interaction with the orphaned children especially girls being the most vulnerable. She understands the pain teenage orphaned girls go through trying to catch up with the reality of life without both parents and she has a soft spot in her heart for orphaned children especially girls.

Mrs Alice Adoyo Ngwalla was the initial key supporter and defender of the Daughters of Kenya project. Her compassionate interest was strongly displayed when she sponsored the establishment of the organization and offered a home rehabilitation for the totally orphaned girls with nowhere to go in Kisumu County, Nyanza Province of Kenya. She also offered Daughters of Kenya's first ever temporarily office.

Mrs. Alice Adoyo Ngwalla is a trained Cateress in Institutional Management (Catering, Matron and House Keeping) courses from the Kenya Polytechnic now Technical University of Kenya.



Having a nation without orphaned girls



Save, Educate, Empower and improve the lives of totally orphaned girls in Kenyan Counties.



TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY to the high most God in everything we do

RESPECT: Respect and understand the orphaned girls

LOVE: Show total love to the orphaned girls

HOPE: Give the orphaned girls hope

FAITH Teach the orphaned girls that with faith and following their situation would change.



  1. HIV/AIDS and Health

  2. Home Rehabilitation

  3. Spirituality and Mentorship

  4. Education

  5. Social Justice

  6. Adoption/ Sponsorship

  7. Entrepreneurship Skills



In Kenya AIDS and HIV prevalence remains a serious health issue, with thousands of parents dying every year from AIDS – related causes, leaving children especially girls orphaned, vulnerable and often facing same problem. This is common is Nyanza and Rift valley provinces of Kenya. Girls are more likely to become infected by HIV than boys with 8 percent of girls reporting infection compared to 4.3percent of boys. Young orphaned Girls between the age of 15 and 24 are particular risk and are four times likely to become infected than the young men in this age group. Lack of awareness, hygiene, infrastructure, medical material and qualified personnel are factors that foster the rapid spread of HIV and maladies like measles and polio among the orphaned girl child as they are left with the burden to carry.  To address these problems Daughters of Kenya is getting involved in a long term program to support the totally orphaned girls whose lives have been affected by HIV/ AIDs and also with health endangering diseases.



Daughters of Kenya believes in safe Home Rehabilitation Programme whereby the totally orphaned girls either have no one at all to take care of them or have no place to go. Our Chairperson has already offered a house in Kisumu county of Nyanza Province that can host 20 – 30 totally orphaned girls. We have a plan of planting other seven safe homes in Kenya such that we shall have a home in every province. Basically these homes will serve as a temporary place for the orphaned girls to stay before we get a sponsor, a foster family of a church community to take care of them.




Through Christian teachings, mentoring and training, orphans become positive, contributing members of the community.  Daughters of Kenya is always ready to partner with churches, social workers and counsellors in order to produce responsible God fearing citizens. We are focused to working with an army of spiritual mentors who will help and guide the orphaned girls to live a God fearing rich life of prayer. Mentorship is an aspect of discipleship for it is important and imperative. Kenyan Daughter Trust Network encourage and equip the orphaned girls so that they can all worship Christ and thus live out a real, effectual, impacted, Christian life.

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the Faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. Colossians 2:6-7



Inadequate infrastructure, poverty and child marriage are the key drivers to lack of education to orphaned girls in Kenya. 30% of the orphaned girls in Kenya do not and have never attended to school. To escape poverty and for these orphaned girls to succeed, it’s very crucial for them to attend to school. Daughters of Kenya is working towards collaboration with the government of Kenya. This is to ensure that the women representatives each of the forty seven counties of Kenya and the children officers who seats in every county of Kenya ensure every orphaned girl has access to free education given by government through the government Social Workers.



Daughters of Kenya is aiming to work closely with the Church, governments and foster families who can be able to sponsor and adopt the totally orphaned girls, and also we looking for sponsors who takes care of the wellbeing and ensure the orphaned girls succeeds  in life becomes a responsible citizens with bright future.




Female Genital Mutilation

FGM is common among Samburu, Pokot, Maasai, Turkana, Kisii and some few Kalenjin communities of Kenya. The procedure itself is demonic, painful and humiliating, as well and unsanitary and extremely dangerous to the orphaned girls who do not have people to advocate for their rights and wellbeing. Young orphaned girls subjected to it frequently suffer from haemorrhages and various infections and fatalities are too common.  This can cause permanent physical disability and lifelong psychological damage.

Child Marriage

In Kenya Child marriage occur mostly on the above mentioned ethnic communities. More than 25% of the Orphaned Kenyan girls are married before the age of 18. This normally occur where the children grandparents make the rules and the children have no ideas on what marriage is and  invariably face a future of unrelenting hardship and incessant toil. The off springs of the orphaned girls hence begin life at a severe disadvantage.


Daughters of Kenya is privileged to have Anti –Female Genital Mutilation Board working closely with us courtesy of its chairperson Hon. Jebii Kilimo. We are organising to do awareness rising and education campaigns to change cultural perception and beliefs on FGM and Child Marriage and acknowledge the practises as ungodly human violations with harmful consequences to our orphaned girls in Kenya.



Most orphaned girls around Kenya have uncertainty of their future and they cannot think about their future because of the miserable life they have lived before. Most have undergone child labour, abuse, trafficking, violemce etc. Kenyan Daughter Trust Network is working closely with the church, human rights advocates and the government to ensure they have their rights observed here in Kenya.



Daughters of Kenya is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to poverty hence believes in creating a platform to ensure that by the age of 24years the totally orphaned girls are self reliant. The project goal is to help the totally orphaned girls’ create jobs for themselves and become successful entrepreneurs. This project will prepare the girls to be ready and able to create and sustain their own food related businesses and sustain their families.



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