The ultimate goal of any human being is to give glory to God.  Therefore the ultimate goal of any entity consisting of people is also to give glory to God.  We give glory to God by our increasing Christlikeness and by advancing His Kingdom on earth.  Any company has the potential to be transformed into an Kingdom Instrument that will bring blessing to people and glory to God.


By joining the Kingdom Global Group, your company - whether a multinational global corporation or SME -


1) will be helped to move to another level of success,

2) will be turned into a powerful Kingdom Advancing instrument.  As part of the Kingdom Global Group, your company will

3) enjoy the reputation and exposure that comes with being part of KGG and

4) you will enjoy the formation of exciting new synergies with other Kingdom Companies in the KGG network.


Your company is a unique spiritual territory.  As the Kingdom of God is firmly established in your company, it will become a Kingdom Community - a church in the workplace - radiating the love, glory and power of God into its sphere of influence.  As the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit abundantly manifest in your company, you will see productivity and profitability take rapid leaps forward.  The more successful your company becomes, the bigger its sphere of influence grows.  The bigger your sphere of influence, the more opportunity you will see to gather the harvest of souls and produce disciples of Jesus.


Take hands with us to see the Kingdom of heaven established in every community worldwide.  Let us help you shape your company into a powerful, prosperous instrument to advance the Kingdom of God in the nations. 


Welcome to the family.  Welcome to the movement. 


Hugo van Niekerk




We are looking forward to taking hands with you for Kingdom Advancing in the nations.  One of our KGTEAM members will soon be in touch with you.


You are welcome to ask any question or give any comment - we are to serve you and to love you with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.


God bless!

Advancing the Kingdom Globally